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DCS Scores a Goal with Bestway

With a first for DCS, we have teamed up with Bestway to be part of a promotional World Cup event.
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/ 30th November 2022

Grow Your Business with Fem Care

The Fem Care market is worth £450m a year, which is more than big enough for it to be classified as ‘essential for my store’. Understanding all the different products and formats and knowing how a shopper decides what to buy is important if you want to stock the right range, but the level of knowledge across the wholesale and convenience channel is mixed. Never fear… read on, and I will explain all.
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/ 16th November 2022

Sulphate Free - What's It All About?

Sulphates are a type of primary detergent that does the actual cleaning to remove the dirt, oil, and so on which we expect from products we buy in the washing & bathing aisles. The question is though should you avoid these materials?
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/ 9th November 2022

DCS & Whitworths: Bringing Healthy Snacking to WHS Travel

WHSmith Travel has an unrivaled presence in airports, with stores in every major UK airport, and around 300 million passengers crossing by their stores each year. WHSmith Travel is also a proud partner of the NHS and local trusts, operating stores in over 140 hospitals across the UK. In addition to airports and hospitals, WHSmith Travel has more than 100 rail stores across Mainline and Regional stations with a whopping 1.8 billion people passing through every year.
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/ 26th October 2022

Dental Care: The £1 Billion Market

Everybody brushes their teeth, right? Yes, they do (with very few exceptions). Twice a day? The number drops off here, more than you might think. Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every three months – people do that, right? Well… not even I do that, and I’m working with this information every day. I know I should, but then I think… I’ll just push it a little longer.
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Our Journey to ‘Just in Time’ Training

For 16 years I worked as an external training consultant. I was brought into businesses to design and deliver a programme of training and then leave. In the best assignments, I got to work with managers and teams to make the changes stick – but often not.
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/ 12th October 2022

How DCS & Unilever are Working Together Towards a Strong 2023

Our relationships with our suppliers are crucial to our success as a business, and it’s important that our sales and commercial teams stay up to date with all the latest information about the products we sell. On the 21st and 22nd of September, the DCS sales and commercial teams visited the Unilever offices to do just that.
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How DCS Supported Colgate to Launch the New Periogard Range

71% of us suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis - yet 75% of sufferers don’t buy any products to fix the problem. Gums are the trustworthy tissues that hold our teeth in place. Whilst teeth can’t heal themselves, gums can. Therefore, Colgate decided to take action to educate people on the importance of gum health and ensure consumers don’t overlook obvious problems.
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/ 28th September 2022