POS & Retail Display

This off-shelf solution offers a powerful marketing tool, designed to elevate your brand and invite customer engagement.  

Deciding on which kind of retail display will best suit your vision will depend on your product's features, your message and goals. Find some custom retail display design inspiration below… 

Counter Display Units

These compact display units offer an off-shelf solution in even the smallest of spaces and offer a fantastic impulse purchase opportunity. Supplied pre-filled to store, these displays are great ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for smaller retailers.


Tailored to your product range, these standalone displays can maximise stock availability and create a striking visual impact to attract shoppers. DCS Co-Pack can share our expertise throughout the concept stages of design to result in a display guaranteed to deliver a strong brand message. When supplied pre-filled to store these displays will ensure range compliance, perfect for new product launches or seasonal promotions.

Pallet Displays

Available in full, ½, ¼ pallet sizes these merchandising units are a great way to creatively add your branding to a functional pallet and turn it into a POS display. Pre-filled DCS Co-Pack these are sent through the supply chain arriving at the retail environment ready for immediate display.

Parasite Units & Clipstrips

These small footprint displays are perfect for featuring the product in several impulse purchase sites throughout a store. Often used for promotional and cross-selling opportunities these displays are perfect for unusual placement where traditionally no product is merchandised. These units are lightweight yet have the structural integrity to carry weight and can be supplied pre-filled by our team at DCS.

Shelf Ready Trays

As well as being an environmentally focussed solution for retail packaging, shelf-ready packaging increases shopability and greatly improves the quality of product display on a shelf. The product is guaranteed to ship securely in this easily identifiable packaging and once it reaches the shelf, will enforce product identity and improve the customer shopping experience.

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