Whatever your vision, DCS Co-Pack have the resources and expertise to provide a fit-for-purpose solution to your requirements at the best price. 

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Fit for Purpose Packaging

'Fit for Purpose’ packaging may be interpreted differently dependent upon the end market, it may be determined by the route to market or the desirables of end retailer or consumer. Packaging may be utilised for something as simple as improving shopability, stock rotation or ensuring security and stability of the products within.  

Packaging can be fundamental in communicating a brand message, ensuring a brand secures maximum visibility and can be easily identified by a customer – this is where packaging can get really creative. 


Labelling can be one of the fastest and largely cost-effective ways to deliver on your product embellishment objectives. Labels may be used to apply language translations for export, or may be applied to a case of stock for ease of movement through a customer warehouse. Labels can also be a great way to create greater case visibility in a cash & carry environment with brand artwork or endorse a short-term price promotion for example.

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This is a fast and effective way to manipulate case sizes or create bundle packs is a popular solution. Especially useful for multipack promotions, the tightly fitting wrap also offers tamper proofing and ensures products are protected.

Supporting our focus on sustainability, our shrink and sleeve wraps are fully recyclable.

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Gifting can be a great way to create a brand image and create a point of difference within the competitive retail market. Gift packaging can come in a broad range of styles, of which DCS Co-Packing have the benefit of handling a multitude of these designs. We can offer our expertise not only in packing but also in the design and procurement of your gifting to suit an all year round or seasonal target market.

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What better way to communicate a brand message or generate some in store theatre than to create displays, on which you can showcase your products. Displays can come in all shapes and sizes covering pallet displays and FSDUs to the smaller counter displays and clipstrips. There’s a solution to get your product flying off the shelf, no matter how big or small or whatever your message may be.

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Hand assembly

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the manipulation of products and this is where our flexible operations workforce and facility can offer further solutions. Taking the focus away from automation and with an emphasis on the personal touch. Hand assembly will cover requirements from polybags and mailable packaging to small batch manipulation and complex packaging.

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Artwork & pack design

Alluring artwork and innovative pack design are what really bring a brand to life. DCS Co-Packing are teamed with a collection of expert packaging designers and manufacturers who can create impactful display to meet your project goals. Our in-house graphics team use their brand knowledge to create impactful artwork to pair with the final pack design.

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