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Fabric Conditioners: The Key to Boosting Retail Sales

In the UK, the market for fabric conditioners is worth almost £430 million a year as people seek delightful fragrances for their laundry. There are various options available, from floral to citrus and beyond, with products ranging from subtle to bold. It's important to stock the right combination of products for your store to meet the needs of different shoppers.
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Unlocking Success: Fresh Insights for FMCG in 2024

We have refreshed our FMCG category expert advice for 2024! CoreRange.com gives convenience retailers all the insights they need to select a best-selling product range.
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Clear Value Trading: A Case Study in Driving Growth through DCS Group

Clear Value Trading (CVT) is a long-standing customer of DCS, a provider of supply chain and logistics solutions. Over five years, CVT has grown from £243k per annum to over £1.1m in 2023, thanks in part to its effective use of DCS's services.
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Understanding Customer Personalities: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how understanding the value hierarchy can shape targeted approaches for each customer personality, enhancing your retail success.
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/ 13th December 2023

Why Reflection Is So Important in a Fast-Paced Business

In the swift rhythm of today's fast-paced business landscape, finding moments for reflection and growth amidst the hustle can be a transformative endeavour. This article delves into the art of balancing progress with introspection. At DCS, we understand the delicate dance of seizing new opportunities while tending to our existing ventures. Here, we unveil our evolving Learning and Development (L&D) strategy, spotlighting the profound impact of embedding learning into every facet of our operations.
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/ 8th November 2023

Why Toothbrushes Are More Interesting Than You Think

Explore effective strategies for retailers to align dental care product offerings with consumer demands, maximising sales potential in this thriving market segment.
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Enlivening Sales with Rayburn

Discover how DCS Group's strategic partnership with Rayburn led to the successful launch of the Enliven brand in the UK and international markets.
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/ 11th October 2023

Why Strong Partnerships Matter

Discover how DCS Group, the UK's premier FMCG distributor, strengthens supplier relationships through collaborative sessions. Learn about our commitment to understanding strategies, NPD, marketing plans, and customer dynamics.
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/ 20th September 2023