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Danone Bestway Business Transition to DCS: Boosting Baby Feeding Brands in the UK Market

Learn about the transition of the Danone Bestway business to DCS Group and its implications for the UK's largest independent wholesaler and leading baby-feeding brands, Aptamil and Cow & Gate. Explore the market share, product offerings, and the strategic move to enhance distribution and management. Stay updated on the latest developments in the baby feeding industry.
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/ 24th May 2023

The Growth Potential of Household, Health and Beauty Categories in Convenience Stores

Discover the untapped potential of household, health, and beauty categories in convenience stores. Learn how to attract valuable brand-loyal shoppers with the right range and increase profits. Check out CoreRange.com for impartial advice based on the latest market data and shopper insights.
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2 Minutes to Learning: How Dynamic Training is Driving Success

Discover how dynamic training is transforming learning into an active participant experience. Learn how feedback and coaching are becoming more specific, fostering a culture of putting learning into practice in just 2 minutes.
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/ 3rd May 2023

DCS Group and Parfetts' Partnership Continues with Successful Birmingham Depot Launch

DCS Group, the UK's leading FMCG distributor, continues its partnership with Parfetts as they launch their new Birmingham Depot, showcasing leading brands and category insights with a friendly and welcoming feel. The partnership aims to drive growth through the innovative "CoreRange.com" and planogram rollout, benefiting retailers and end consumers alike.
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/ 26th April 2023

Body Lotion vs Body Cream vs Body Butter: What's the Difference and Which One Should You Use?

Understand the differences between body lotion, body cream, and body butter, and learn which one is best for your skin type and needs.
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/ 19th April 2023

Navigating the Cost-of-Living Crisis: Boosting Sales in Household, Health, and Beauty Categories

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis is a prevalent issue that we cannot ignore. As a business owner, it's essential to understand its impact on household, health, and beauty categories, and how you can increase your sales and revenue.
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Co-Pack POS Display Matrix

Retailers in the UK continue to have a significant need for POS Displays. In response, DCS Copack in conjunction with our packaging partners has established a library of pre-existing structures - suitable across our broad range of SKUs and retailers, as part of our ambition to support sales growth by guaranteeing a flexible, efficient supply chain.
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Abra Wholesale Mega Trade Days Event Delivers Success

Discover the highlights of Abra Wholesale's successful Mega Trade Days event. Learn how multiple suppliers showcased their products, resulting in increased sales, and what promotions were included to make the event more attractive to customers.
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/ 29th March 2023