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Corporate Resilience and CEO Leadership

Michael Lorimer, CEO and Jobs Foundation Advisory Council member emphasised the importance of corporate resilience, high-performance standards, and cultivating growth mindsets in a recent talk

Sarah Bowes

1 minute

/ 14th May 2024
  • DCS Group

Michael Lorimer, CEO and member of the Jobs Foundation Advisory Council spoke at a recent breakfast on the topic of Corporate Resilience and CEO Leadership alongside Charles Lewington of Hanover Communications.

Michael explained that working on behalf of global corporations and their iconic power brands demands the very highest standards of performance and excellence. Our corporate resilience; financially, operationally, technologically, organisationally is the focus of constant investment and improvement.

Furthermore, recruiting and retaining the very best character-led talent to grow the business with resilience and tenacity has been core to our 30 years of successive growth.

DCS unashamedly is a fast paced performance led business and as part of our People Programme, we have been working with colleagues to help develop balanced mindsets which enable sound decisions and pragmatic actions.

The battle for success starts with our minds being renewed and transformed into growth mindsets, and so we will continue to invest in our people to ensure we create the best environment where that talent can flourish.

Michael praised the work that Trina Schofield has been doing to enable individuals to recognise where their resilience is challenged, and build plans to address it. Trina will be hosting a workshop for the Jobs Foundation members on 23rd May 2024 at their London offices.

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