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The Grocer Gold Awards 2024

Exciting news! DCS Manufacturing has been nominated for The Grocer Gold Awards 2024!
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/ 17th May 2024

Corporate Resilience and CEO Leadership

Michael Lorimer, CEO and Jobs Foundation Advisory Council member emphasised the importance of corporate resilience, high-performance standards, and cultivating growth mindsets in a recent talk
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/ 14th May 2024

Join Us in Celebrating a Milestone!

This week, DCS Group turns 30! For three incredible decades, we've fuelled success for our partners, and we're eager to keep the momentum accelerating into our fourth!
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/ 29th April 2024

Behind the Bubbles: Mastering the Laundry Aisle for Retailers

Unlocking the secrets to a successful laundry aisle can significantly impact retail success, given the laundry category's substantial £1.7bn value in the UK market. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of choosing the right laundry range, focusing primarily on detergents. From understanding shopper segments to navigating brand preferences and product formats, we unravel the key considerations that drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Join us as we explore the nuances of this essential category and uncover strategies to optimise your laundry offerings for maximum impact and growth.
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/ 26th April 2024

DCS Group Welcomes New COO, Carl Palmer

Michael Lorimer, CEO, is delighted to welcome Carl Palmer to DCS Group, who will be joining as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He brings with him a wealth of experience from within the FMCG sector.
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/ 8th April 2024

Unlocking Success: Fresh Insights for FMCG in 2024

We have refreshed our FMCG category expert advice for 2024! CoreRange.com gives convenience retailers all the insights they need to select a best-selling product range.
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Sustain Growth. Sustain the Planet.

DCS work with FMCG brands that are innovating rapidly to improve the sustainability of their products and packaging.
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Clear Value Trading: A Case Study in Driving Growth through DCS Group

Clear Value Trading (CVT) is a long-standing customer of DCS, a provider of supply chain and logistics solutions. Over five years, CVT has grown from £243k per annum to over £1.1m in 2023, thanks in part to its effective use of DCS's services.
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